First Post!

Hello Everyone ~ Welcome to the first post of InsideHomeDesign! I started this blog to review and discuss everything about home decorating and interior design. I’m going to be focusing on everything from ways to use Social Media to make money as a home decorator or interior designer to the best home design tips and tricks I pick up from the pros, to the progress of my own home renovations. This is going to be a great place to pick up home décor ideas, find out how to make money as an interior designer, and discuss ideas and…. well everything about interior decorating.

Before we really get into things, here’s a little bit about me:

I’m an advertising professional with a background in direct response, social media, and radio advertising. I currently work as the creative director at an advertising agency in Portland, Maine and I love my job! I’m also a wife and a Mom of two (a little boy and a baby girl). We live in Freeport, Maine in a ranch style home we bought two years ago. We love the town of Freeport and the general layout of our home (SO open, lots of square feet)…but our home is pretty dated, so we’ve been renovating it room by room for the past two years. We’ve come a long way…but we’ve got a l-o-n-g way to go and a strict budget to adhere to.

As we’ve renovated our home, it occurred to me that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE home interior design! I subscribe to a ton of great home interior decorating magazines and religiously visit many home décor blogs. I’m constantly doing “weekend warrior” home improvement projects. I’m a flea market, yard sale, Craigslist, and hardware store junky…it’s safe to say…I’m hooked! And I’ve picked up so many great tips and tricks along the way that I’m really excited to share here on this blog. As someone with an advertising and social media background, I would also like to share ways for interior designers or ANYONE who has a love for home décor to effectively market themselves online, via social media. I’m definitely always finding cool new ideas on this front along with new neat, budget friendly home decorating ideas and I’m so ready to share and discuss them…and pick up NEW ideas as well.


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