Unique Baby Girl’s Nursery

I was thinking about what kind of design post I wanted to share first, and the thought crossed my mind to share the one project that means the most to me. I recently had a baby girl who was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome in utero. To make an extremely long story short, my daughter was born with a severely underdeveloped left side of the heart and will need three open heart surgeries in order to survive. She had her first surgery at 6 days old and is scheduled to have the second surgery at the end of this summer. Needless to say, hearing the news that my baby girl was going to be born with this condition and would have to face these surgeries was beyond upsetting and made the rest of my pregnancy pretty awful.  Pink and Gold Baby Girl Nursery 2

One thing that really helped to get me through things was putting together a unique baby girl nursery to prepare for my daughter coming home. There was something so therapeutic about carefully coming up with a concept and decorating her room in preparation for her home coming. The power of positive thinking!!

We had to change our office into a baby girl’s room, which was quite the switch up. Our office was a really neat color terra cotta, with an ethnic/worldly theme complete with a standing globe and African statue (check out the pics).

After combing through the internet and my home magazines, I decided that a plush, glamorous pink and gold baby girl’s room would be the perfect place for my special princess to come home to. I was heavily inspired by a gorgeous pink and gold nursery I saw online by Little Crown Interiors. Of course, I would be working with a MUCH smaller budget than an amazing design team, but I was determined none the less.

The first thing I knew her room had to have was a metallic gold ceiling. I felt that it would give my baby girl something so pretty to look up to and it would set the tone for the rest of the room. It was such a fun idea in theory…and it came out gorgeous. However,  my husband spent A LOT of time on the gold ceiling. It was A LOT more work than we anticipated…but it was SO worth the outcome. We picked up Metallic Gold paint and primer from Lowe’s, and my husband watched videos on YouTube about how to correctly paint metallic gold onto interior walls. In order to have a smooth finish, without tons of strange streaks, you have to paint long strokes up and down the wall – not hard to do on a wall. A total PAIN to do on a ceiling. But we were determined to get this done right, so we (and by “we” I mean, my husband) went by the book. It took him a good couple of hours to get a coat painted on. Then, we would let the coat dry and paint on more coats in order to get a solid, metallic effect. We ended up putting on 4 total coats and we split the project between weekends, adding 2 coats per weekend. It was pretty crazy!

Next, we found a shade of pink that wasn’t too passive, yet was sophisticated enough to work well with gold. We used a paint called “Precious Pink” by Olympic…in high gloss for added drama and durability (it is a little kid’s room).

From there, we purchased a new lavender carpet from a local salvage store. It was pure luck that we found it! The lavender gives the eyes a break from all of the pink and gold in the room.

We used all white furniture for the room, painting my great grandmother’s old wooden rocking chair white to match the theme and use a family piece in the room. We found a gorgeous baby girl crib set from Lambs & Ivy with pink and gold birds set on a cream background. We ordered the crib set, lamp, ceiling sculpture and wall art from this line. It looks incredible with the pink and gold décor.

One Side - Baby Girls Nursery

One Side – Baby Girls Nursery

For accessories, we found a beautiful gold framed mirror on Craigslist for $15 and a couple of gold fans with lace at a yard sale for $1.00! We also painted all of her outlets and light switches gold and covered them in glitter, using glitter paint from Martha Stewart’s line. We found a random pillow at Target for $15 that says, “Love” that is the perfect finishing piece for the refinished rocking chair. On a trip to Baby’s R Us, we found some really neat 3-D dragon flies, along with wall decals that we were able to use as wall art. I created a special frame, by gluing loose white pearls around a plain wooden frame (all from a craft store, for around $5.00).

In the end, it was a lot of work, but SO worth it. Creating my daughter’s space reminded me to keep hope alive that she was going to survive her first surgery and would in fact come home to her room (she IS home btw!!) and it also got me through some tough times at the hospital right after her birth and surgery. While she was hooked up to a bunch of machines, I would tell her about her gorgeous room waiting for her at home.  I was able to temporarily remove myself from the hospital room and imagine my daughter in her special, unique baby girl’s room, where she belonged. I’m so grateful and happy that my daughter is home. And I hope my nursery ideas and pictures can help inspire someone else out there too.

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3 thoughts on “Unique Baby Girl’s Nursery

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  2. What an amazing story! I’m so happy your daughter’s first surgery was successful, and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers for a successful second surgery. Immersing yourself in a project helps to maintain sanity when faced with adversity. The pictures you posted are absolutely beautiful. You are a very talented designer. Have you posted them to Pinterest and Instagram?

    • Thanks so much! We’re definitely looking forward to my daughter’s second surgery being over with. I posted the pictures to Pinterest. Now I just need to get with the program and join Instagram and post there as well 🙂

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