Social Media in the Interior Design Industry

Social Media is a great resource for people in the Interior Design Industry. This really makes sense, as interior design is a visual art. Interior Design clients want to be inspired – to have new, exciting ideas triggered about beautifying their homes. Social Media and Interior Design are the perfect match, because designers can connect with prospective clients with visual ideas and inspiration. This post will focus on some of the cool ways interior designers are using social media to connect with consumers.Interior Designer on Social Media Networks


Blogs are one of the major social media tools for interior designers. They give designers a chance to show off their best work and interact with potential clients in an informal manner. And they give consumers a chance to be inspired by new ideas and find a great local interior designer. Good interior design blogs are full of crisp, clear images of a designer’s interesting work, posts about the latest trends in the design industry, tips and ideas, links to other social media networks the designer is on and of course, contact information so interested clients can hire the designer.


With interior design being such a visual business, the highly visual social media network Pinterest is the perfect forum for interior designers to connect with potential clients. Visual images are such a powerful tool for interior designers. Images can convey the quality of a person’s work and a designer’s overall style and flavor, without saying a word.  Interior Designers are using Pinterest to showcase their best work, new ideas, and decorating tips/tricks they’ve picked up along the way. The best Interior Designer Pinterest pages take consumers on a visual journey of ideas and inspiration, giving prospective clients a flavor for their approach to design.


Instagram is another extremely visual social networking website, where interior designers are sharing ideas and connecting with prospective clients on a very personal level. Interior Designers are posting everything from recent projects and new ideas/trends to pictures from their personal life (cute dogs! amazing vacations!) on the picture sharing Instagram and consumers seem to be loving it (proven by the THOUSANDS of Instagram followers the best designers on Instagram have). What’s really interesting about Instagram is how interior designers are sharing bits and pieces of their personal lives with consumers on this platform. This gives prospective clients a look at not only what a designer’s style is, but the kind of personality they could be working with if they were to hire the designer. A great working relationship is so important – Instagram gives interior designers a chance to show they not only can produce good work, but that they’re fun, creative people to work with.


YouTube is an interesting resource for Interior Designers, because it gives them a chance to show their projects off in real time and it also allows prospective clients to get to know their personalities – and even to feel as though they already know them a bit. Effective Interior Design YouTube channels offer advice, tips/ideas, and showcases of projects completed by interior designers. Some designers even use a reality show format to engage with consumers and show them the behind the scenes aspects of interior design, which seems to be a great way to attract viewers (popular Interior Design YouTube channels have over 100K subscribers!) and show prospective clients their style and personality. Other interior designers produce detailed how-to and before/after videos that provide consumers with ideas, and that also showcase the designer’s work.

No matter which social networks interior designers choose to be active on, it’s clear that social media is a valuable tool in the Interior Design Industry. From the number of follows, likes, views, and comments on these various networks, it’s clear that consumers are eager to engage with interior designers via social media. Interior Designers and Home Decorators should examine the social media resources available to them and start building their SM presence today – prospective clients already are and so is the competition!

Stay tuned for next week’s post on interior designers and mobile applications.


11 thoughts on “Social Media in the Interior Design Industry

  1. I do not have a Pinterest account, but after reading what you say, I might apply one and see why it attracts so many female users. It is nice that you analysis two different consumer group according to Pinterest and twitters in Interior Design area and gives some tips. As a twitter user, I get ideas from the post (whose post I am following) and get suggestions back from my friends and relatives. I still love the way to share my new stuffs.

    • Chad – Thanks for commenting. I just checked out your blog and left a comment on the post on Jamie Drake’s apartment. What an awesome place that is! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great post! I love that you chose all visual social networking sites to match with the Interior Design industry. I feel like Interior Designers have to be extremely experienced to get work because it is a highly competitive industry. So building your social media presence is kind of like an online visual resume. People will then get to see what your work looks like and hire you based off of what they see.

    • Thanks Rachael – I agree that there is a TON of competition for interior designers. Especially with so many people eager and willing to go DIY with decorating their homes. I think visual based social media networks are an awesome resource for designers, because it gives them a chance to really show what they can do, without having to get someone to sit down with them an look through a portfolio upon first meeting.

  3. Although every industry is a great candidate for social media, the interior design industry is one of the most ideal. What better way to show off your work, than posting pictures on Instragram, facebook and even videos on youtube etc? I am pretty sure this industry are one of the ones who are more grateful for social media.

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