Interior Designers: How to Use a Mobile Application to Gain New Clients

Mobile applications are exciting social media tools for interior designers. There are a lot of opportunities for interior designers to use mobile apps to build reputations and gain new clients. This week’s post will cover how to use a mobile application by the popular online design community to help build your interior design business. is a very cool online interior design community made of interior designers, interior design experts (like bloggers, photographers) and interior design enthusiasts (consumers).

The website itself is a great resource for designers to showcase their work share their expertise, and show off  their design flavor. It’s also a great resource for consumers who are looking for everything from design ideas and inspiration to local architects and interior designers. As such, it’s a wonderful place for interior designers to connect with potential customers.

The mobile application allows interior designers to upload idea books, showcase complete projects, and general design inspiration. There is also a tool interior designers can use to provide references for others they have worked with in the field (such as flooring specialists, and furniture makers). Consumers can view these references/reviews others in the field have given interior designers to see how each designer is regarded by their peers. This can really help establish how experienced and professional you appear as an interior designer. Consumers can also browse through reviews of designers done by past clients. This offers home decorators the chance to display their strong work ethic to consumers in real time.

Another really cool benefit of this mobile app for interior designers also ties into a benefit for consumers. People are able to create idea books of design ideas and styles they would like to incorporate into their home décor. A designer can view a potential client’s idea book using this app and get a feel for the person’s style and the kind of look they’re working towards for their home. This would be a great tool to use if you were an interior designer meeting with a potential client for the first time. By pulling up the app on your iPad or other mobile device, you could see exactly the kind of flavor the potential client is looking for and you could pull up examples of your work (also using the Houzz app) that speak to the client’s individual taste.

Another really great aspect of this mobile app for interior designers is that you can participate in real time discussions via the discussion boards. This could be an interesting way to gain really warm leads on new clients. By participating in discussion forums, you could easily set yourself up as an authority on any given design topic. This is great, because if you’re an interior designer giving consumers valuable information on topics they need help on, you could really establish a name for yourself as helpful, creative and knowledgeable. This could easily translate into more clients. For example, you could answer a design question you notice someone has in your local area. The person would likely be very appreciative and they could even (hopefully) inspired by your great ideas. From there, you could offer them a free in person design consultation, where you could use the idea books as noted above to really tailor the discussion based on the potential client’s personal style. It’s a way to get a really warm lead and potentially gain a new client.

Lastly, is a great mobile app for interior designers, because it ties into other social networks. This allows potential clients to share interior design ideas (hopefully yours!) with their entire network of  friends. Consumers can “Like” your photos and profile within and on Facebook. They can also Tweet your idea books, profile, and even discussions you’ve been a part of as well. This is a really easy way for your name and reputation to be shared organically among potential clients.

There are so many mobile applications out there that can be useful for interior designers. If you’re an interior designer or home decorator, the mobile app is one you don’t want to miss!

Be sure to check out next week’s post covering the challenges and risks interior designers face when engaging in social media.


3 thoughts on “Interior Designers: How to Use a Mobile Application to Gain New Clients

  1. Katrina, what an interesting post! Thank you for posting about this great App. I found it interesting as my post this week discussed an App that is kind of similar for my industry of choice, higher education. The App I chose, Bonfyre, allows professors to create an event/conversation for a certain topic or even for an entire course. This allows the professor to include only content that pertains or interests certain students or colleagues. It seems like the point behind these Apps is to increase communication and connectivity within the group. These types of Apps allow users to select what is most interesting to them instead of having a ton of information continuously posted on other platforms that may not be of most interest. Do you think that users will continue to look for Apps similar to the ones we discussed this week instead of Twitter or Facebook where so much information is shared on all possible topics?

    • Hi Megan – I left you a comment on the app you wrote about last week as well. Bonfyre sounds really interesting. I definitely think mobile apps will become more and more prevalent as Smartphones get into the hands of more consumers. I could see apps becoming as popular as, or even more popular than social networks, as people want to communicate on the go more and more.

  2. My father is kind of an Interior Designer. I know that when the graph paper applies to the real world, they would do changes on the materials to adapt the weather and location. However, not all consumers know the reason why they change. If people have this App, it is better discuss it and learn more about the experience. That is a pity my father does not know about these mobile app/websites. I think his business needs integration of social medias. Websites like are such a good tool to create, follow and analysis your potential clients or clients.

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