Bright Red Built In Bookshelf


I am so excited about the bright red built in bookshelf we recently refinished in our dining room. All we needed was a pint of Valspar “Real Red” and an hour of time (plus a great set of hardcover classic books my husband inherited from his grandparents and a few select nick nacks).

Besides the classic books and the very bright red paint in this bright red built in bookshelf, my favorite part of this display is the nick nacks. I found these adorable teal “Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. See No Evil” Glass Owls for just $6 a piece at Marshall’s in Boston MA. And I inherited the cute pewter fishy mail holder from my Grandpa Marty.

I just love how the bright red serves as a perfect backdrop for items my husband and I each inherited from family (minus the crazy, yet so fun owls). And the high gloss finish keeps it fun and functional!

Have you ever painted the inside of a bookshelf? What colors did you use? Leave a comment and let me know! And be sure to check out more picks of the DIY Bookshelf below.

IMG_5731IMG_5735 IMG_5734 IMG_5732


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