Rug on Carpet

Rug on Carpet

Are rugs on top of wall to wall carpet a good idea? My ranch style home has wall to wall carpet in the dining room and office areas that’s in really good shape. So good, it’s hard to rip the carpet up to lay down wood floors. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting some bright, plush area rugs to lay down on top of the wall to wall carpet.

For some reason, I thought the prevailing advice was to avoid laying an area rug over wall to wall carpet. But a quick internet search proved me wrong! There are all kinds of awesome examples of rugs on top of carpet! Even the great Billy Baldwin actually encouraged placing area rugs on top of wall to wall carpet to “loosen up” a space and make it more inviting.

For now, I’m collecting images (like the one in this post) to get some inspiration for my own wall to wall carpet rooms. I’m just about sold on laying some bright, cool patterned area rugs down to give life to my drab wall to wall carpeted floors.

Have you ever laid rug on top of wall to wall carpet? What’s your take on it? Comment & share ideas/opinions!


2 thoughts on “Rug on Carpet

  1. I think it works in some cases. I like contrasting colors and fibers, so if you have a super plush carpet on the floor, go with a jute or natural fiber rug. If the carpet is light in color, go with a bold colored rug. Layering is fun!

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