Viral Marketing Initiatives

ImageViral marketing is a great way for designers and those in the home décor industry as a whole to connect with consumers. Not only can good viral marketing content build strong relationships with consumers; it also can bring in tons of awareness for a given brand, as people share the content with each other. Today’s post will review the successful HGTV #lovehome viral marketing campaign and the top five reasons why I’m such a big fan.

 It was Interactive – The HGTV #lovehome campaign asked TV audiences to post photos of favorite people, pets, projects and spaces they were proud of in their homes to their favorite social networks, using the hashtag #lovehome – for a chance to have their photo displayed in on the company blog and on a HGTV television ad. This campaign started right off being ALL about consumers. It was totally driven by content that people chose to post – and further, other HGTV fans would comment on the photos others were submitting. People who shared a common “love for home” were sharing and enjoying their content with each other and with the brand.

It was Cohesive – The same campaign hashtag connected consumers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There was also a company blog created just for the #lovehome campaign. Having the viral campaign spread across all of the appropriate social media networks at the time seemed to tie the campaign together and reinforce the message.

It was Shareable – If you’re like me, you probably have shared plenty of home décor ideas and inspiration across various social networks. The #lovehome campaign gave home design enthusiasts plenty of great content to share, with pictures of spaces others had created. In addition to having interesting enough content for people to want to share, having a cohesive campaign made it easy for consumers to share the content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It was also very easy for people to communicate about the content within these various networks and on the company blog (which also has buttons making it easy to share content on the aforementioned social networks).

It wasn’t overly Promotional – Like I mentioned, this campaign was all about consumers sharing what they loved most about home. While it certainly got the brand name in front of many consumers (over 160K+ people used the hashtag to share photos), the focus always stayed on consumers and not the brand.  

It was Fun – In order for content to go viral, there has to be some element about it that compels people to share it. Sharing photos of things that make us happy or show off our awesome DIY home projects and ideas is fun! Having the chance to see your space featured on TV or even on a blog as an awesome home project, or your dog featured as an adorable pet, your Thanksgiving dinner featured as an amazing spread…is fun! It feels nice to be told we did an awesome job – that our hard work and creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed. The #lovehome campaign gave people just that opportunity.

Viral marketing offers so much opportunity for interior designers, those in the home décor and really marketers in any industry. Do any viral marketing campaigns stand out in your mind? Leave a comment to share!


3 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Initiatives

  1. I love, love, love, love that you chose to use HGTV as an example — I’ve basically been obsessed with their network for the last year or two. Embracing “social” has been such a huge key in their success lately. I recently read an older article in CIO Mag from 2009 about how they looked back and realize the page that received the MOST traffic was the interactive/social page that involved comments/interaction. They then renovated their ENTIRE website to reflect that (better searchability, more Rate My Space-esque types of pages, etc).
    Great blog!

    • Thanks Jordan! I’m also super obsessed with HGTV – it’s been a slow progression over the past few years. I wonder if more people out there are like us (fans within the past few years) and if the surge in popularity coincides with their ramped up SM efforts.

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